ATTENTION!!! Parents, Guardians, Students.

Take advantage of this OPPORTUNITY for young men and women from 10 through 12th by participating in the Mt. Carmel Youth Leadership for the 21st Century Program….this program is a grassroots initiative to develop and train leaders from within the community.

Providing an opportunity for young people to gain a thorough understanding of the inner workings of their local city, state and county governments, they will have an opportunity to network with representatives from their city, state and county governments.

In addition, they will learn about and work with the local and state judicial systems, educational system, healthcare, social services, the media, the arts, and natural resources. During the five month program, thegroup will elect officers and committees in order to develop and implement a Community Philanthropy Project that will be supported by the Pikes Peak Community Foundation with a up to a $500.00 match for the student’s program.

For an application, please contact Paula Maldonado; THS Counselor, at 719-846-2971 or Kim Schultz;

Director of Mt. Carmel Youth Leadership for the 21st

kschultz@mtcarmelcenter.org by Tuesday, January 7, 2014.

Tuition: The Program tuition is $25 per student which covers the cost of the series (scholarships are available),

Teambuilding Day and all meals and materials. The program will accommodate 24 students, classes are held on Friday except the State Government Day that will occur during the week this day will have a 30 day notice prior to.

The following is a synopsis and syllabus for the program:

Synopsis: The program kicks off with a Teambuilding Day, followed by a series of day-long sessions focusing on a range of topics. Each session will be presented by experts in the particular field of focus. The program will begin in January and will include eight sessions over five months.

Participants: High school sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible to participate in the program.


All classes are on Friday except the State Government Day (DATE TBD)

January 17 Teambuilding/Philanthropy Day: Build cohesiveness among the group and develop problem-solving skills; Introduction to and preliminary planning for Community Philanthropy Project, under the leadership of Eric Cefus from the Pikes Peak Community Foundation. *Teambuilding session will not require transportation.

January 31 Trinidad, Past, Present, Future & Finance Day: Understand where Trinidad has been and where we are going. The class will give an overview of our economy and business resources.

February TBA State Government & Judicial System Day: Meet State government leaders to discuss their roles and various issues. This will include a tour of the facilities.

March 14 Local Government & Judicial System Day: Understand the function and mission of the Trinidad and Las Animas County Governments/Justice System

March 28 Education & the Arts Day: Understand the relationship between business and education, and discuss the issues involved. Discuss and explore the Trinidad Arts Community, including the Creative District,and area Galleries and Museums.

April 11 Natural Resource Day: Identify and understand some of the major resources available to promote and improve quality-of-life.

April 25 Health & Human Services Day: Increase awareness of healthcare needs and trends and how they impact the community.

May 2 Community Philanthropy Project Day/Media: Student presentations and awards; Media Day: learn the inner workings of, and how to access the media. Graduation Ceremony, followed by an Open House.

Again, thank you for your consideration and I look forward to discussing the project with you in person, please don’t hesitate to contact Kim Schultz, Director of Mt. Carmel Youth Leadership for the 21st Century at 719-859-1008.

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