Hidden gem in Trinidad a historic staple to southern Colorado

Hidden gem in Trinidad a historic staple to southern Colorado


TRINIDAD, COLO. — The small city of Trinidad in southern Colorado is home to a big yet hidden gem.

It’s a building that is like a book with many chapters, and the latest has already been writted and is getting quite the read from the southern Colorado community.

Mt. Carmel, formerly Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, was and still is a historic staple to southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.

In 2007, current Mt. Carmel Board Chairman Jay Cimino bought the property because of his strong roots to not only the church, but Trinidad as a community. But the property was in major disrepair.

“I had asked some of my friends if they’d rebuild it and not one of them said they would and I said what would you do with the building, and he says scrape it, but I couldn’t scrape it,” said Cimino.

So he restored portions of the building and also made an addition while keeping some of the history behind the original church.

“One day it came to me that we should build a health, wellness and community center. The point is I wanted this faciliy, this building, this campus, to be sacred; Pews, the windows, statues that we found.”

The now non-denominational chapel is only half the building. The other half is for medical purposes serving the needs of rural southern Colorado and northern New Mexico.

“There’s no other facility in town in which you can come to where you have a medical center, mental health center, integrative health programs and a chapel,” said Dr. Leo Bonfadini, Director of Integrative Health Care.

But this iconic piece of history has grown much further than a restored chapel and new medical center. Mt. Carmel has its very own Cafe and catering service and can host just about any kind of event.

“It’s fantastic, but it was on the way out, it would have just fallen a part,” said Joe Reorda, Mayor of Trinidad.

For more information on Mt. Carmel and its activities and events, you can click here

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