About Us

About Us

The Mt. Carmel Mission

Mission: Mt. Carmel provides integrated healthcare, wellness and community partnerships that attract business, cultural and social opportunities.

The Mt. Carmel Vision

Vision: Mt. Carmel collaborates with community partners to provide health, wellness, and transition services that nurture mind, body, and spirit.

A Thriving Community Starts with a Healthy Community

While the history of Trinidad and Las Animas County is rich, the recent and present day economic situation speaks differently. Trinidad, City of Champions, has a great amount of natural resources, starting with its people. It also has an abundance of other resources, including coal, gas, agricultural, the major railroads and Interstate. The great climate and natural beauty of the Sangre de Cristos and Purgatory River add to the attractiveness of the area. Despite the great potential that exists for the city of Trinidad and all of Southern Colorado in business, energy, military and recreation, the community has not yet received a positive return over the last 100 years. Las Animas County still finds itself lagging behind the rest of Colorado when it comes to quality of life. For example:

  • 50% of the residents leave the county for primary healthcare due to lack of resources.
  • Las Animas County has the highest percentage of poor and low-income persons among Colorado counties with a medium income of $31,000 vs. $50,000 for the state; that is a difference of 60%.
  • Las Animas County’s motor vehicle death rate is 55% higher than anywhere else in the state.
  • 57% of Las Animas residents seek care outside of the County for non-emergency services.

A thriving community begins with a healthy community. Through the efforts of TCF, the Mt. Carmel Health, Wellness and Community Center will help the community thrive with the addition of 1) healthcare and 2) cultural enrichment opportunities.

With Head Start right next door, we want to provide opportunities to its 150 children to include performing arts, immunizations, development screenings, school physicals and other mental health services.

Other community education programs available at Mt. Carmel will be substance abuse, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, CPR certification, health education, and mental health resources.

Our programs will be focused on not only the young, but people of all ages.

In addition to healthcare, Mt. Carmel will foster enrichment opportunities in the community through music and art classes, fine arts and theater performances, movie nights, holiday celebrations etc.; all for the purpose of enriching the community in mind, body and spirit.

Since we are in the process of building a great community asset, we ask for any suggestions. Please call us at: 719-845-4875 or Ashley DiPaola at 719-845-4877

History Wall

The Mt. Carmel History Wall is a centerpiece of the Reflection Garden. The profile of the wall displays the outline of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, while the contents honor the rich history of coal mining in the region. The story of Trinidad and Mt. Carmel Church was shaped by the coal miners who settled in the area. They brought with them a myriad of traditions and cultures which define Trinidad to this day.

The coal miners are the unsung heroes who ushered in the Industrial Revolution at the turn of the 20th Century. Over 500 coal miners in Las Animas County alone gave their lives during the boom of coal mining. Their story is a human story, not only about coal mining, but the personal story of the miners and their families. Silvio Caputo, author of The Death of Spring, create the History Wall at Mt. Carmel. In addition Highway 12, known as the Highway of Legends, will be displayed. It was along this corridor, which spans west through the Purgatoire River Valley, where coal was discovered and the history of Trinidad’s coalmines was written.