The Mt. Carmel Family

The Mt. Carmel Family

Colorado Springs

Jay Cimino
Founder & Chairman of the Board

Gina Cimino

Angie Pickett
Quality Control Manager

Angela Ann Cesario
Board Secretary

Amanda Hamilton
Executive Assistant


Felix M. Lopez
Chief Operations Officer

Tonya Janzen
Operations Director

Patricia Duran
Event and Wellness Coordinator

Ashley DiPaola
Administrative Assistant

Bert Santistevan
Facilities Manager

Priscilla Coca

Wellness Programs and Events

Patricia Duran – 719-845-4875

Wellness and Event program coordinator


Ivory Raye ND

Diabetes, Chronic Disease self-management, wellness educator

Emily’s Kitchen & Garden Café

Ben Gates
Café Chef

Café and Catering Personnel


Thank you to our more than 50 volunteers