Mt. Carmel Community Center

Mt. Carmel Community Center

The Community Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ziccardi Hall, Garden View Room, Emily’s Reflection Garden and the Theatre/Mezzanine are available for meetings, video performances and other meaningful events. Reserve one of these beautiful Mt. Carmel locations for your next business meeting, family get-together or special happening.

For more information please call us at: 719-845-4875

Community Center:

The Vision for the community center is to offer many different enrichment programs, such as music and art classes, fine arts and theater performances, fostering artistic opportunities in the community. In addition, numerous community needs will be met by providing health education, mental health resources, as well as domestic violence and teen pregnancy counseling. The community center will also be made available for private parities and community gatherings.


With the recent growth of the arts in Trinidad, much talent is again moving to the region. The amphitheater serves as the perfect setting to showcase local talent, including music and theatre performances, and to foster the continued growth of the arts in the region. By bringing class acts and bands from the Trinidad area and beyond, the goal is, in time, for the Mt. Carmel Amphitheatre to participate in hosting some well-established summer events. The awesome acoustics and ambiance of an outdoor setting makes for a great atmosphere for such occasions.

Reflection Garden:

The Reflection Garden is a garden walkway of multi-hued bricks and concrete paving stones that leads visitors through a landscape rich in greenery, tall pines, gardens of colorful flower beds, and beautiful stone benches. People will have the opportunity to memorialize their own names or the name of a family member, living or deceased. The Garden is a place for people to come and reflect.