A. Wellness Center Parking B. Wellness Center Entrance C. Chapel D. Ziccardi Community Center E. Gift Shop/Café Entrance
F. Reflection Garden & History Wall G. Amphitheater


The Vision for the Mt. Carmel Wellness Center is to provide convenient health care services to the residents of Las Animas County and the surrounding areas. The focus will be on meeting the essential health care needs of those most at risk, including the elderly, women, children, low income, uninsured and underinsured people. An innovative and comprehensive wellness program along with the urgent care facilities, will greatly benefit the Trinidad community.


The lobby of the Wellness Center will also serve as the main entrance. As you enter the facility, you will be greeted by a one-of-a-kind, exclusively designed fountain depicting the rich history of coal mining in the area.


The Vision for the Community Center is to offer many different enrichment programs, such as music, art classes, fine arts and theater performances, fostering artistic opportunities in the community. In addition, numerous community needs will be met by providing parenting classes, babysitting and CPR certification, health education, mental health resources, substance abuse treatment programs, as well as domestic violence and teen pregnancy counseling. The community center will also be made available for private parties and community gatherings.


The Vision of the Reflection Garden is to be a garden walkway of multi-hued bricks and concrete paving stones that leads visitors through a landscape rich in greenery, tall pines, gardens of colorful flower beds, and beautiful stone benches. People will have the opportunity to memorialize their own names or the names of a family member, living or deceased. The Garden is a place for people to come and reflect. The History Wall will be written by Sylvio Caputo, author of “The Death of Spring”.